Inspiring Jewish Pride and Identity through Art and Music.
Sunday Mornings, 10am - 12pm.
Starting September 8
Children: the future of Judaism.
Love Hebrew School?
Welcome to the Chabad of New Mexico Hebrew School! Thank you for visiting our site.

Everything from the staff to the curriculum to the schedule is designed to make Chabad Hebrew School a place kids look forward to attending and an enjoyable experience they will want to share with their circle of friends. We know it's revolutionary, and we know the kids will love Hebrew School!

So once again, welcome! Every Jew is family and every child is welcome to be a part of it!

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Those who are familiar with us will know that membership is not only not required, it's not possible! Chabad of New Mexico, like so many Chabad Houses worldwide, does not have a membership system. We are for one reason only and that is to be at the service of each and every Jewish individual who might need us.

So there is no need to sign membership papers or purchase a family plan. You need simply participate at your pleasure with all your heart and soul.

Hebrew School, like Torah, is for every Jewish child who wants to join and become a part of this exuberant version of an ancient and precious heritage. 

Hebrew School

Sunday mornings, starting September 8th!

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Sep. 30, 2023
Followed by lunch in the Sukkah.