Chabad of New Mexico offers a wide array of Social Services, Outreach and Educational Programs, as well as a Synagogue, Social and Learning Center, open to everyone regardless of affiliation or level of Jewish observance.


Among its many services, Chabad offers:


Adult Education - Lectures and Classes

A Helping Hand

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons

Burial Society

Camp Gan Israel

Campus Programs

Charitable Fund

Community Holiday & Pre-HolidayPublications

Crisis Counseling

Full Synagogue Services

Hebrew School

Holiday and Shabbat Meals

Holiday Workshops for Children

Hospital Visitations

Judaica Shop

Kosher Awareness Week

Koshering Homes

Kosher Store


Lunch and Learn


Private Tutoring

Prison Visitations

Public Menorahs

Rabbis-in-training visits to small  Jewish communities

Shabbat Experience

Teen Programs

Women’s Kosher Mikvah


Above all, Chabad is here to serve you and you are invited to avail yourself of any of the above services 

Chabad belongs to you!