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  • Aleph Art Room Girls and boys ages 3-9 Sunday mornings 10:30 am - 12 noon at Chabad of New Mexico Judaism through art and music "Not your typical Hebrew school" Sign up your child today.Read More
  • CteenCTeen offers programs that bring teens together to embrace their shared faith and give back to their communities and the environment.Read More
  • Yom KippurOn the holiest day of the year, spend the day connecting with your soul in prayer, fast and reflection.Read More
  • Women's Gathering in the Sukkah"Join together with friends as we explore "hands-on"
    the meaning into the "Four Kinds", and enjoy traditional
    Sukkah foods
    Read More
  • Dinner Under the StarsDelicious Kosher gourmet full course meal will be served. Chassidic songs and story-telling. Everyone is invited to attend. Wednesday, October 8
  • High Holiday ServicesDuring the High Holidays, the doors to heaven are open to all... So are ours! Join us for warm, welcoming & uplifting holiday servicesRead More
  • Simchat TorahJoin us in celebrating the competion of the Torah reading cycle! We'll have with funky flags, holy torahs, rockin' Hakafot and deluxe kiddushes.Read More
  • Sin in Four DimensionsWhat is sin? The Midrash records a “panel discussion” featuring a philosopher, a prophet, the Torah...Read More
  • Uncle IrvA Yom Kippur MuseRead More
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